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Taking all of your junk cars

Our full recycling center is able to take the biggest of items, including your aging and unrepairable cars. Don’t let your junk vehicle sit in the elements and rust away its value, bring it to us in exchange for money.

Bring your car or truck to us complete with the required DMV paperwork and we will give you cash.


It is helpful if the gas and fluids within the vehicle are removed.

A simple process

Get it to us any way you can

Push, pull or tow your old automobile to us today and we will pay you cash. However you get it to us, we will breakdown your car and completely recycle all available scrap metal.

Sitting outside and unused, your junk car is quickly losing its value.


Rust can take over the body and interior of a car, rendering it useless and worthless.



Don’t wait around

Call us and learn more about bringing us your old vehicle


Don’t wait, let us help you clear the clutter by taking your junk car