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Non ferrous metals

Have an enormous amount?

With the help of our large commercial entrance and our storage yard, designed big pieces of equipment, we will be able to collect your scrap.

Cash for nonferrous metals, bring them in today and walk

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We take all kinds of nonferrous metals

Nonferrous metals do not contain iron, are lower in weight, and are non-magnetic. Common examples of nonferrous metals include aluminium, brass, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin, and titanium. In determining if a metal is nonferrous, it is important to look at its properties

as a metal.

Nonferrous metal around the house:

Our recycling services are open to industrial, commercial, and residential use. No load is too large or small.





Our recycle center is able to handle:

  • Wires, stripped and unstripped, clean

         or dirty

  • Electric motors, compressors, and

         air conditioners,

  • Cooper and brass radiators and

         air conditioners

  • Aluminum, zinc, and batteries, of

         all varieties

  • Copper number 1 and number 2

         copper wire  

  • Bare bright copper

  • Sheet copper

  • Cans

  • Door and window frames

  • Motor parts

  • Propellers