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Old scrap metal Scrap metal

Serving your area

Have large items from your leftover from your home, office, or land?


Our facility serves all of the Middle Peninsula including Gloucester, West Point, Hayes, Matthews, King and Queen, and Tappahannock.

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Reusing and reducing

Turn your cans and other scrap metal into cash at our Urbanna, Virginia recycling center. Accepting all ferrous and nonferrous scraps from all individuals, organizations, and businesses. No load is too big or too small.

Competitive rates for your residential, commercial, and industrial scraps: 

•  Copper

•  Brass

•  Aluminum

•  Cans

•  Steel

•  Tin

Reason you should recycle your old scrap metal:

  • Recycling is vital in maintaining

         our environment

  • Save or even eliminate disposal costs

  • A fundraising opportunity for schools and other organizations

  • Pay for vacations and other

         special occasions

  • Use money from scrap to fill up your

         gas tank